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Top Ten Must Have Features For Ecommerce Website

There are some features that you must have to know if you’re running an online business or you have an eCommerce website.

In this article we will can analysis some of the top features for eCommerce websites that can help you for growing your online business or websites platforms.

The success of an eCommerce website depends on the features the website offer and how well the website is marketed or designed, both for the customer and also for the website owners.

As a businessman or owner, you have to know how to manage these features or tools to improve your website. Before running an eCommerce business, think carefully about how these features work that you needed otherwise you’ll be regretting later.

There are many features that can help make an eCommerce website more user-friendly to customers and an easy way to manage from the perspective of the owners.

Now we will discuss the top 10 most important eCommerce features:

01. Content management systems capabilities for eCommerce website:

The content management system helps the ability to easily update, add and manage your eCommerce online business or store.

It also helps not only allow you to manage your products and orders but also customers, promotions, etc. & much more .it is very important for your business growth.

02. An easy to use checkout:

The eCommerce platform has gone through tremendous growth in recent years and continues to develop. One of the main reasons for is eCommerce channel today is the conversion rate at the checkout process. The customer always expects a fast, simple, and reliable easy-to-use checkout. A well-planned checkout experience can increase the number of visitors to make purchases of their products.

03. Promotion and discount code tools:

The promotion and discount code provide customers with free shipping or gift wrapping. This is a marketing strategy that gives customers yet another reason to buy your products. This code is sometimes known as coupon codes which are made up of a combination of numbers and letters. It’s usually used for a specific purpose. Such as a holiday or any special day marketing campaign. It benefits both the customer and business. Customers get the product they want for a lower price and the eCommerce store generates revenue. It has a direct impact on the overall shopping experience.

04. Email marketing integration:

61% of people prefer email marketing over social media. With email marketing, you can capture website visitors and turn them into customers with a long lifetime value.

Email campaigns can be personalized and automated to be sent at nighttime, so it perfectly fits in the customer journey.

In this email marketing strategy guide for eCommerce, you’ll discover what email campaigns you can send in each different stage of the customer journey, this option is easy to set up and highly effective.

05. Multiple payment systems:

In order to operate a fully functional eCommerce website, you need to be able to accept payments from your customers.

If you can’t take online payments then the main goal of your business, making money –is impossible.

A good online payment gateway makes the process simple and easier, so you can capture most of those sales nature than losing them. There are many options to pay online like ATM card, bKash, rocket, by check also. But some clients like to pay in cash. Nowadays cash on delivery become so popular because customers prefer online shopping by sitting and home. They can check their product from the delivery man and like to pay that delivery man in cash.

06. Search engine optimized code and layout:

Search engine optimized code is very important for business sites or websites.

The eCommerce search engine optimization (SEO) includes:

Keyword research:
This option finds the types of keywords where customers are searching for their desired product.

On-page SEO:
This SEO strategic keyword optimization in Meta tags and content.

Technical SEO:
To help ensure search engines can crawl your site efficiently.

Site architecture:
This option is based on your keyword research.

Local SEO:
This option helps drive the local organic traffic.

Site architecture:
This is based on your keyword research.

07. Product filtering and sorting :

Users find a product in two different ways which are searching and browsing. The product listing can contain thousands of products so, finding desired product from the list can be a very difficult or challenging task on any eCommerce site.

Getting sorting filtering right allows users to find the product they want in less time.

Sorting is a method of changing the order of any product where filtering is a way of reducing the member of product in a product listing. User can choose any criteria which are important to them and view only relevant products.

08. Reporting tools:

Reporting tools save time compiling, cleansing, and visualizing your data. Glue transforms soils of eCommerce data into beautiful reports that help you grow your business.

09. Shipping methods:

Your eCommerce shipping strategies is key to your online store’s success because 38% of customer say they’ll never shop again with a retailer through a negative delivery.

On other sites, 60% of customers have chosen a competitor with a more convenient delivery option.

An eCommerce shipping strategy is about more than just free shipping and fast delivery. So, you should put a lot of effort into making sure your customers have a great experience.

10. Courier service:

Nowadays courier service has become popular and easier technic for your eCommerce business. Customer chooses their desired product over a website or webshops and pays through any type of payment method. On the other side, sellers get orders from them and send their products through nearby courier services. The courier boy sends those products to buyers nearby courier service shop, and the buyers get their product with their buying code no or name them.

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