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Cosmetics & Perfume POS Software

Elevate your cosmetic and perfume business with Mediasoft's advanced POS software. Sell more products, track operations seamlessly, and nurture long-term customer relationships for unparalleled experiences. Our software streamlines operations, saves client data, identifies potential customers, and offers tailored messages and discounts. Stay proactive in meeting customer demands with Mediasoft's Cosmetic & Perfume POS Software.

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Features We Have

Customer Management

Get all the records of your customers with just a few clicks. Our system gives you a Perfect CRM to record to know your customer needs for targeted business and take a consultative approach to plan & map your next steps with your intelligence.

Membership Management

Our system had the option to choose your loyal customers according to their taken services and give them membership cards or loyalty points. It allows you also give them discount redemptions for memberships & reward them on their services.

One Centralized Platform

Combine data from all your operation into one centralized platform with our cosmetic & perfume store billing software which is an ideal solution for your salon business. You can also control inventory & all the actions from a single source.

Point of Sale System

Start selling with a comprehensive point of sale solution, to achieve an accurate follow-up of your sales. You can add your services with just one click. Classify them by categories and sub-categories. Your product stock can be tracked to help you restock and take inventories. You will be able to generate gift vouchers for your customers to offer your services and care to their loved ones.

Loyalty Points

Manage your customer (sales history, personal information...) and encourage them to regular visits. Make targeted e-mailing and SMS campaigns and make a loyalty program to reward your top customers. You can offer discounts to your customers on care services or free products, you can choose the loyalty most suitable to your commercial policy.

Barcodes System

Barcodes may include or use any kind of necessary data collection. This could contain pricing details or any inventory info. Though barcodes can be attached to any surface, they can be cast-off to track not only the products or info but also any kind of shipments and equipment.

Requisition Approval

Submitted a purchase requisition for review & get your requested PO generated for the purchase requisition lines and submitted to the vendor for order fulfillment.

SMS Integration

Our system allows you to send personalized SMS to your customers individually & also broadcast to announce new offers, special packages, combos, etc.

Salesman Commission

Our system provides brand-based inducements to your employees with salesman commission based on their performance and earns more profits. Monitor your staff’s performance closely so that if needed you can conflict with them or appreciate them to do better in their work life.

Why We Best For You?

Mediasoft provides you with a complete Cosmetic & perfume store billing solution that can solve all the problems that you can face to rum your cosmetic & perfume business. With Mediasoft’s Cosmetic & perfume store billing software, it’s time to make up for lost revenue. Our solution helps to grow every phase of the business with features schedule appointment booking, billing, customer management, and promotional strategies. Having it for your salon business can help to integrate everything in no time. So get our Salon & spa software and be benefited more.

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Benefits You Will Get


Define work plans, checklists, assign tools to organize work steps for your products – all in from one centralized place with our Cosmetic & perfume store billing software. It keeps all tasks well organized so that you can save lots of time to be relaxed.


We are very reasonable to provide you with the best service. Our system can be customized economically, in a diversity of finishes and materials. Our Cosmetic & perfume store billing solution is quite inexpensive according to its usefulness.

High Accuracy and Security

Identification based on multi-modal biometrics allows achieving very high accuracy and is a reliable fraud avoidance. Our solution is a highly secure system, we keep your all insights reports saved & safe.

Multiple Payment Systems

Handle your cash by hand securely either our system offers you the option of accepting all types of local credit/debit cards. Billing & real-time payment statuses are tracked & recorded from a single dashboard & have all access to multiple payment modes.

24/7 Support Service

Our applications are super easy to use by your all-level staff. Intuitive and thoughtful design makes our system simple to use avoiding difficult functionality. Our agile supporters provide 24/7 support service.


Mediasoft’s Cosmetic & perfume store billing solutions help you grow up by maintaining all your compliance standards seamlessly.

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Integrate POS with your E-commerce Business. So, choosing the right software for your business may be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help every step of the way.

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