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Camera Shop POS Software

Considering today’s business trends, Mediasoft provides you User-friendly Camera shop POS system that helps Camera and its related accessories shop owners or businessman’s to manage and run their business seamlessly. It also help you to track products from purchase to sales based on serial numbers, models, and warranty numbers and reduce manual efforts and errors. This system helps retailers to attain products at right time with smart re-order and delivers a faster and smooth checkout experience to their customers. It also provides livestock updates in just a click and reduces time in searching stock in hands & maintain your stock levels.

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Features We Have

Customer information

Got to know all data about your customer, also keep tracking what your customer is ordering, and build relationships with them.

PO Creation based on Demand

Submitted a purchase requisition for review & get your requested PO generated for the purchase requisition lines and submitted to the vendor for order fulfillment.

Salesman performance

Monitor your staff’s performance closely so that if needed you can conflict with them or appreciate them to do better in their work life.


Give access to your products, offers, and support services to the customers or prospects on all channels, platforms, and devices & manage it overall from one platform including traditional and digital channels, point-of-sale, and physical and online experiences.

Product GRN

Calculate the exact net cost of the products you receive from your supplier by creating formulas to automate purchase calculations involving tax, cash, and scheme discount, free items are given, & other charges. Keep counts & records of your receiving products according to your accurate supplier or shop.

Product Information

Manage all Products precisely and safely with our CameraPOS system that helps to keep products information & data secure and accessible to only authorized users. Even if there your staff got changed, you can still serve customers nicely with accurate data at hand.

Damage & Lost Adjustment

Control your damaged & lost products to avoid your loss with our POS system. Manage your store's stock level according to this status and keep generating your inventory through our solution.

Sales through Multiple Counters in Each Shop

With our camera & accessories POS software, you can create several counters in a single store & sell/ maintain your products through them. You can also get reports in detail of it.

Discount Management

Discounts help to get more recurring customers, yield more business. Multiple discounts and coupon usage are simple through our Camera & accessories POS system. You can customize your discounts & offers according to your choice or understanding the recent business strategies.

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Benefits You Will Get


Define work plans, checklists, assign tools to organize work steps for your products – all in from one centralized place with our Camera & accessories system. It keeps all tasks well organized so that you can save lots of time to be relaxed or give attention to your customers.


We are very reasonable to provide you with the best service. Our system can be customized economically, in a diversity of finishes and materials. Our Camera & accessories POS software is quite inexpensive according to its usefulness.

Multiple Payment Systems

Handle your cash by hand securely either our system offers you the option of accepting all types of local credit/debit cards to accepts your payments of your products.


Expand your business with our Camera & accessories POS system, Meet the needs of your global customers by accepting payments in multiple currencies around the world, and also offer your local payment methods by the gateway of your choice.

High Accuracy & Security

Identification based on multi-modal biometrics allows achieving very high accuracy and is a reliable fraud avoidance. All types of Credit cards, order data & reports highly is encrypted and secure, we keep your all insights reports saved & safe.


We approach Point-of-sale in a different way, whatever your store size is or your targeted market. We propose solutions according to your Camera & accessories store types and their customizable according to your choice.

What are you selling?

We understand that not every store has the same needs. Tell us what you sell, we'll tell you how we help.

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