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Hotel Management Software (Pro-Inn)

Streamline and enhance your hotel operations with Pro-Inn, a comprehensive Hotel Management System that empowers you to deliver exceptional guest experiences, optimize revenue, and save valuable time. With advanced analytics and reporting tools, Pro-Inn allows you to monitor and manage your hotel efficiently, ensuring seamless operations from front-office to back-office functions. Pro-Inn fits for hotels, motels, resorts, guest houses, lodges, hostels, clubs, villas, and  apartments.

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Pro-Inn provides an intuitive and responsive platform to manage all hotel operations with precision.    

Features We have

Guest Management

Deliver personalized services with ease, from booking to checkout, ensuring guest satisfaction at every touchpoint.


Simplify booking processes with our intuitive reservation system, maximizing room occupancy and revenue.


 Seamlessly handle guest arrivals, reducing wait times and providing a hassle-free check-in experience.


 Expedite guest departures, efficiently managing billing and checkout procedures.

Room Calendar

Maintain an organized view of room availability and occupancy, optimizing reservations.

One Centralized Platform

Combine data from your all operations into one centralized platform. You can also control inventory & all the actions from a single source.

Discount Management

Pro-Inn will allow you to enable discounts based on bills, payment modes, any special observations or other conditions.

Multiple Payment Modes

Accommodate diverse payment preferences, enhancing guest convenience. Payment by cash, mobile, cards, or through various transaction apps.

Multiple Counters

Efficiently manage guest services with multiple service counters for a seamless guest experience.

Room Service

Elevate in-room dining experiences, offering guests a wide range of choices with our room service management.


Monitor and control your hotel's inventory with precision, reducing wastage and improving cost-efficiency.


 Generate accurate bills and invoices, ensuring transparent financial transactions.

The Best Recommendations For Your Business

Pro-Inn is a complete hotel management system that automates all-in-one hotel operations; namely front-office, back-office, reservations, billing to impart the best guest experience, Cut lots of expenses, increase revenue and save time. Analytics and reporting tools will help to track the progress of your hotel system. Our “Pro-Inn” hotel management software provides everything that you need for your hotel business. Manage  your hotel business efficiently by using our hotel management system, “Pro-Inn”.

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Why should you choose Pro-Inn for your hotel business?

Pro-Inn offer a comprehensive, user-friendly, and scalable hotel management solution. Our expertise ensures that you get a system tailored to your specific needs. Pro-Inn streamlines your operations, enhances guest satisfaction, and boosts revenue through efficient reservation management and pricing control. With our 24/7 support, you'll have peace of mind knowing that we're here to address any concerns promptly, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition. Invest in Pro-Inn and unlock the full potential of your hotel business, from increased revenue to delighted guests.

Join the ranks of successful hoteliers who trust Pro-Inn for all their management needs.

Benefits of using Pro-Inn

Get your pricing right

Exploit your revenue with our dynamic pricing system. No more commission or extra expense. Rates will be set by you based on predetermined occupancy levels and updated as the occupancy fluctuates.

Centralized control on all your operations

Get centralized control on every operation of your hotel business with our Hotel management system. Efficiently managing the front office, housekeeping, guest engagement, or any other important hotel management task is just at your fingertip.


Set up & customize multiple dashboards according to the needs of your hotel business. Choose your default dashboard templates for the operational, financial, and marketing roles of your business. Get the ability to track your real-time operations & manage all tasks with our hotel management software “pro-Inn”.

Increase business efficiency

Increase your hotel business productivity with our advanced hotel management system. Integrate “pro-inn” with your hotel business’s payment gateways, POS, revenue management, and more. Effectively manage all your operations with us.

Automate your hotel operations

With a higher grade of automation, the “Pro-Inn” hotel management system streamlines hotel operations and reduces dependency on manpower. Manual errors become the past thing as it helps you automate your critical operations with ease. Try our “pro-Inn” hotel management system to experienced simplicity.

Improve Guest Service

Get to know your guest’s all information with just a click! By having guest history at your fingertips, you can remember their preferences, speed up check-in, and improve their overall journey & experience at your hotel. Make your customer happy with having our hotel management system “pro-Inn”.

You Have Any question? We Have the Answer

Choosing the right software for your business may be an overwhelming experience, so that we are here to help every step of the way.

Pro-Inn is the perfect fit for - Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Guest Houses, Lodges, Hostel, Clubs, Villas, and  Apartments.

We know that not every Business has the same requirements. Tell us about what you want to offer, and then we'll explain how can we help you.

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