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Hospital Management Software

A Hospital Management system includes services that integrate and simplify the work of healthcare professionals and their collaboration with patients. Without a proper healthcare facility management system, a hospital would not able to commendably keep good staff, care for patients, or make good revenue. Mediasoft Data systems limited has been designed and developed a Hospital Management System Software for Hospitals, to provide them with the finest way of managing their business. Our Hospital Management System handles different guidelines of a hospital or clinic’s workflows. It maintains the perfect healthcare performance along with an administrative, medical, legal, and financial regulator. Our Hospital ERP solution focuses on excellent coordination between Healthcare organizations like Hospitals, pharmacies, Polyclinics & Clinics, and patients, making e-health a very successful and effective approach. Our HMS software simplifies the work of healthcare professionals and their behavior with patients. Today’s upgrade technology is controlling all businesses but hospital or healthcare business is most sensitive business because this is related to people’s health and life. So you have to choose your software wisely. Mediasoft provides you with all the elements that make your work easier.

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Top Features to Look For in a Hospital Management Software Solution

Patient management

Our hospital management system database includes a reliable availability of patients’ information or data. The disease history, test results, prescribed treatment can be accessed by doctors without much delay to make an accurate analysis and monitor the patient’s health. It allows lower risks of mistakes.

Records Medical Database

Our Hospital management system (HMS) includes all the necessary records and keeps all patient’s data. Doctors can easily access the test result, patient’s history, and prescribed treatment without making much delay to taking exact conclusion and screening the patient’s health. It allows fewer dangers of errors.

Billing System

Our hospital is a business company that includes all corresponding financial interfaces between a service provider, executives, customers, suppliers, insurance companies, etc. While a patient experiences treatment, the staff inputs charges. Before a patient got discharged it will generate a bill. The hospital management system should allow different types of payment methods and systems for their services and products.

Appointment & Scheduling

Mediasoft’s HMS software enables you reception to fix an appointment for patients with the doctors they want as per specialization required by checking the doctor’s availability. Patients can take schedule online and offline both ways. Effective scheduling technique makes proper utilization of Doctor’s time and reduces waiting time of patients.

Doctor Management

This option is mostly an entry point for your hospital’s doctors/consultants to analyze patients, dispense test and treatment processes and generate prescriptions for them. A doctor can also record patient symptoms, allergies and suggest medication information everything by this.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Our EMR is a real-time, protected, point of care and patient-related platform for doctors. It will support your hospitals’ doctor by providing access to patient's health condition information and keeping evidence for taking better decisions & support.

Lab Management

Our integrated Lab Management module records and considers all your pathological necessities. We record medical, commercial, and special laboratory activities under check always. Both inpatients and outpatients can effortlessly use & bill his portal. So there is no chance of error.

Pharmacy Management

Our hospital management system can manage your hospital's pharmacy also very seamlessly. You can also directly bill with the inpatient’s main billing system & you can collect medicine as your patient collected their medicine. This module also maintains all drugs or medicine stock and automates your system which makes your task effortless.


As a hospital is a service provider business, it is thought to manage your HRM system. Our system makes it easy for you to manage your workforce, you can also make a different id for every staff and employee. And generate their performance too.

IPD & OPD System

Our HMS enables this feature to manage the in-patient & out-patients entering details in addition to the patient’s others info like admission details, room, consultants, surgeon, diet preference, etc. Every patient has a unique admission number to make your data stable. This also enables bed transfers, shift ward, discharge summary so on. All the daily services, like the room rent, operations, delivery, consulting to nursing, etc. also generate by these modules.

Emergency / Casualty Management

To take emergency treatment our hospital management system has a small patient registration form which is very quick and easy to fill up and this module helps to take patients under treatment with minimal information and saves time.

Managing Imaging and Diagnostics

With our advanced system, you can easily check your patient’s reports. You can also simplify organ diagnosis procedures. Radiology, pathology. Oncology will be better under stable by this module. You can easily check your all patient’s data, reports, and analysis their condition too. This module simplified your all critical process.

Main Features

MEDIASOFT’S payroll management system limited provides you with an automated system that can calculate all your staff's related tasks like salary calculate, leave generate, applications of your employees, check-in, and check out on time or late count and so on. You can handle everything about your management and employees' attendance and performance with our payroll management system. Having our system will help you run your office/business more effortlessly and accurately.

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Benefits You Will Get


Our hospital management system software did lots of work done automated in just a click so, if it implements, well it cuts off so many manual works. It helps to reduce manpower like this system automatically manage the things which human beings use to manage earlier.

Quality and Compliance

Every hospital should send a report of birth, and death that occurred, to the NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) authorization monthly. It’s hard to arrange them manually so, Medisoft’s HMS helps you to arrange these reports faster within the right time. Every report is observed and accomplished in the Hospital Information Management System carefully and resourcefully for the exact results.

Reduces Scope of Errors

Traditional records systems with folders and paper are hard to keep track of-papers have a tendency of getting lost. This can make the doctors not know what tests or medications have been administrated. The worse thing is, when a new doctor or nurse comes on shift, they may not have an exact picture of what has been done and if the chart plan isn’t right in front of them, may dispute a new order based upon lacking information. Our HMSincludes access to previous orders and prescription administration records, meaning that there won’t be any duplication errors.

Data Security

Ensuring data safety is the top priority, as patients’ data and other hospital documents are highly confidential. Every slight of information from the full-fledged hospital management system needs to secure from unauthorized access. Any leak of information, as well as data loss or corruption, may lead to potentially shocking outcomes, including lawsuits and other financial consequences, in addition to ruined reputation, all of which can make the hospital close.

Processing Speed and Results

With the application of our HMS in your labs or hospitals, you will be capable to treat patients in a better way and get into their real-time reports and other information regarding the patients, and their past clinical data and more can be done to get quick outcomes. The hospital management system makes staff work more accessible and expands the speed of the complete procedures for better results.

Interactions with stuff

Teamwork is a good resolution for success in every type of work/job. It is vital to engage all of your representatives for better coordination and cooperation. Our HMS keeps all detailed information and qualification of your staff or employees so that your hospital authority could easily analyze their work.

Better Patient’s Experience

Knowing patients’ experience is the best way to grow the hospital business. For a better patient experience, Mediasoft’s HMS is the best solution for your hospital. Our reliable and suitable HMS system will boost patients’ trust in the hospital services, it will help to attract more clients and enhance the reputation of the hospital.

Information About Doctors

With our HMS system, Patients can learn about doctors before scheduling an appointment. It will display a list of available doctors along with information about their experience, expertise, and achievements and also can manage to know the doctors’ schedules and choose a convenient appointment time.

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