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Payroll & Attendance Software

Before the advancement of technology, most paychecks were ready and calculated manually. Nowadays companies have started using payroll software no matter what their company size is. This tool ensures that no error occurred while preparing pay sheets & all paychecks are distributed properly. Mediasoft’s Payroll & Attendance Software is a cloud-based solution for all types of companies that provides an organization a complete solution to manage & maintain employee profiles, automatic Payroll calculation of allowances. The deduction, etc. with just a single click. Moreover, our software reminds for various employee documents expiries, leaves, loans & so on. Even using your mobile phone you can easily keep track of all records. In recent time periods, payroll systems have become one of the most common HR software on the market. It’s used by small & big any time of businesses and enterprises alike, showing that they’re universally helpful solutions. Your business hasn’t adopted a payroll system yet? This is the time to embrace technological advancement and choose the best Payroll System to fulfill your company’s needs. You deserve the best. So you can blindly choose our payroll & attendance software. Because this the best software in the market.

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To get a better understanding of the benefits of payroll software, here are some features:

Employee personal information:

Know all your employee’s personal information &with just one click our system keeps a record of all of the employee’s data & necessary information. You are just one click away if you need that.

Employee professional qualification:

Qualification is the best way to know about a person real skill. Who is able to do what type of work it only knows by to see their qualification? Mediasoft’s payroll & attendance system have an employee’s qualification module to keep a record your all employees’ qualification, quality’s & special talent.

Annual increment and promotion information:

You can set your annual increment and promotion details information by our payroll & attendance software. You can al take a look your all staff’s performance through this. So that you can easily take the best decision about your agile staffs.

Employee transfer information:

Get to know all your transferred employee’s information just by clicking with Medisoft’s payroll & attendance software.

Employee Attendant History:

Creating and maintaining employee attendance records is a key HR responsibility in any organization. Easily track your employee’s attendance!! All employee’s entry time & leave time precisely by our payroll & attendance software. Our software help your employees become more productive and also save you valuable time and effort.

Designation Change History:

If any employee got to chance to change or upgrade his/her designation is also kept recorded by our software so that in the future if you need the information you can easily find it.

Employee resignation, termination and dismiss information:

A smart attendance management system will help you track employee hours, ensuring there are no policy or regulatory violations. You can got to know the information you needed. Any employee termination and dismiss happen this particular person will be automatically deleted from your regular staffs list and shifted to the previous employee list.

Monthly salary Information:

Know all your staff & employees’ monthly salary and distribute them accurately through our payroll & attendance software. Festival and other bonus information all can you arranged by our software. Overtime salary of any special employee or other category type’s salary you can smartly arrange by this system.

Bank advice letter for salary, bonus and leave encasement:

Track all your employee’s applications about leave, overtime information, unit wise/division salary, increment, etc. by our smart attendance & payroll system. Get induvial all salary or pay sheet of your any staffs.

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Benefits of payroll & attendance e software

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No extra person is needed to track your employee’s all records and there is also could happen error if humans do this job. So this system is error-free and also cost reduced by not including humans involve here.

High accuracy and security

Identification based on multi-modal biometrics allows achieving very high accuracy and is a reliable fraud avoidance.

No "buddy punching"

Nobody can do a fake check-in or check-out in favor of another employee/user/staff/attendant. So there is no chance to have any type of buddy punching or like this. So your company can have all real working employees on time. No one can be cheated by this system.

Useful integrations

Mediasoft’s payroll & attendance software provides flexible data exporting to a range of payroll systems.

Increase the efficiency of attendance monitoring

The use of passive recognition and identification using surveillance cameras allows large workforces to be monitored with effortlessness. Everyone knows, they are on the camera’s eye, so don’t cheating on work time.

Easy to Use

Never worry about a lost or forgotten time card or ID card. Because you can easily mention all your problems through you’re logged-in payroll &attendance software of your company and also can do check-in and check-out by this.


Ensure your attendance is accurately monitored, & your check-in & check-out is also accurately monitored. You don’t have to worry if you are dedicated to your work, your work will be monitored accurately.

Anytime, Anywhere

Log in or log out your attendance wherever if you are using a personal smartphone! You can have your personal payroll apps to know all updates & any information or notice about your company, anytime, anywhere

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