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About Bakery ERP

Bakery Management Software

Welcome to Mediasoft's Bakery ERP Software, a comprehensive bakery management system crafted to elevate and optimize every facet of your bakery business. In an industry where profitability hinges on precision and efficiency, our Bakery ERP software emerges as a transformative solution, seamlessly integrating various departments within your company for unparalleled operational excellence and ensuring success in today's competitive market.  

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Features We Have

Batch Production

Optimize batch management through purpose-specific features that facilitate real-time data integration. Ensure scheduled batches meet exact material requirements, adhere to expiry times, and consistently produce the highest quality output.

Inventory Management

Balance inventory levels and accelerate order fulfillment with dynamic reports, forecasts, and insights. From receiving into production to managing intermediate and finished goods, our Bakery ERP solution ensures an effective inventory management process.


Ensure stringent quality standards through comprehensive Quality Management capabilities. Conduct inspections or checks at various manufacturing process steps to meet both corporate and customer quality expectations.

Accounting and Financials

Manage your bakery's financial ecosystem with precision, handling general ledger, journals, budgets, and accounts receivable and payable seamlessly within our integrated Bakery ERP solutions.

Costing & Analysis

Conduct precise cost analysis on production or development formulas, compare finished goods costs in different sizes, and run what-if cost analyses using multiple price lists.


Reduce errors and rework by capturing and validating critical warehouse transaction data in real-time. Our solution provides the most accurate and up-to-date records for all users and business processes.

Route Manager

Effortlessly plan and set dynamic routes for item delivery. Integrate maps for enhanced route management, tag customers and locations, generate reports based on delivery, optimize distribution supply, and analyze vehicle capacity and inventory allocations.

Compliance & Traceability

Generate industry-specific and region-wise compliance insights reports and labels. Ensure adherence to regulatory standards, providing comprehensive traceability and accountability for your bakery.

Planning & Scheduling

Efficiently plan and schedule production activities  of your bakery for optimal resource utilization and strategic production planning.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Create and manage detailed BOMs for accurate production planning, ensuring a systematic approach to recipe and ingredient management.

LOT Tracking & Recalls

Track LOT's for traceability and efficiently manage product recalls when necessary, ensuring swift and precise action during critical situations.

Purchase Management

Streamline and automate the procurement process for efficient supply chain management, ensuring a seamless flow from requisition to delivery.

Are you looking for the best bakery ERP solution?

You are in the right place now! We understand your unique business needs, deliver you the best-fit solutions with agility, and give the best support whenever you need.  

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Why do you need to get Mediasoft’s Bakery ERP for your Business?

Mediasoft’s ERP for the bakery business is a complete package with numerous features and functionalities appropriate for every type of baking item-related manufacturing industry. It empowers the users to expand bakery’s productivity and deliver those systematically. Its automation tools & advanced features help to grow your business & moreover it will allow your bakeries business to process more transactions and improve the delivery performance. Although Mediasoft’s bakery ERP software ensures to provide the best quality service to their user.

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Benefits You Will Get


Create parameter sequences or multi-step recipes to run complex operations automatically. Using Mediasoft’s bakery ERP solution you’ll run your lines more repeatable, faster, and with less waste.


Define work plans, checklists, assign tools to organize work steps for your products – all in from one centralized place.


Term your products by generic types & specifically as your need-wise and rely on Mediasoft’s monitoring. Have total control over your business in your hands' tip.


Create parameters and have them automatically calculated by Mediasoft’s Bakery ERP software service. Have detailed insights records & complex monitoring of your bakery business’s every side every day.

High Accuracy & Security

Identification based on multi-modal biometrics allows achieving very high accuracy and is a reliable fraud avoidance. Our solution is a highly secure system, we keep your all insights reports saved & safe.

Complete Solution

We provide you with a Full-featured Bakery ERP Solution that is suitable for your business. You can easily use our system anytime, anywhere. You can also get a personalization module so that you can customize your system as your requirement.

What do You Sell?

Choosing the right software for your business may be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help every step of the way.

Tell us your requirements and we will give you the solution according to your business need.

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