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Electronics & Electrical Shop POS Software

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Electronics & Electrical Shop POS Software

To manage the day-to-day activities of an Electronics Items Distribution firm, a wholesale trade and distribution software was required. Our Wholesale & Distribution Management software provides these functions. Product distribution and inventory are easy to handle with Mediasoft Wholesale & Distribution Management Software. This program will make your job simpler in every way, from supply chain management to order taking, inventory management to accounting, and on-time and complete delivery. It is a platform that links manufacturers and retailers. Our distribution software database allows you to automate stock management and create more efficient and lucrative client interactions. Our system unifies critical business activities such as shipping, financial management, production, and stock level access into a single package that allows data to be shared. This allows workflows to be automated and activities to be completed more rapidly.

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Customer Management

Mediasoft allows your staffs to easily and proactively maintain your customers, properly interact with them & help you acquire new and retain existing customers so you can sell more. Our system lets you distribute targeted communications to segmented customer groups via email or SMS to generate inquiries and increase your sales.

Superior supply chain

Distributors interact with a greater amount of data and shipments while covering a larger network. Optimize your supply chain with Mediasoft’s distribution software so you can serve on-time deliveries and demand forecasting.

Inventory management

Spend very little time on managing warehouse processes, get total control of your inventory and reduce losses due to waste. Get your inventory reports with one click. Our wholesale & distribution system provides Stock status alerts, multi-outlet management, digital stock counts, status report, and etc. all in one in one single platform. Everything is on your hand tip

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