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Electronics & Electrical Shop POS Software

Mediasoft's Electronics & Electrical Shop software is a properly integrated POS system that helps you manage your electronics store effortlessly. Our software was created with the owner of a business in mind, giving you complete control over your business and its related activities. Our system manages your stores from pricing to inventory management, to analyzing sales and reports, employee performance, managing promotions, offers, campaigns and so on. Choose us and have complete control over your electronics store business.

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Streamline Your Business Operation With Mediasoft!

Features We Have

Inventory Management

Spend very little time on managing warehouse processes, get total control of your inventory, and reduce losses due to waste. Get your inventory reports with one click. Get all in one in from one single platform.

Damage and Lost Adjustment

Control your damaged and lost products to avoid losing them with our POS system. Manage your Electronics & Electrical store's stock level according to your damage and stock status and keep generating your inventory.

Pricing management

Analyze production and development costs accurately with our cost analysis feature. Compare costs across different categories and run what-if scenarios using multiple price lists.

Product Management

Managing your product and data information to run your Electronics & Electrical Shop is potentially complicated. Easily track sales and revenues, create bundles and packages, move items into and out of inventory, schedule re-orders, and more with this solution.


Computerized labeling of your products and their prices, and also print the expiry dates of your products and scan those secret details through our super shop POS system.

Billing & Accounting

Get integrated billing & accounting system with our innovative Electronics & Electrical Shop POS software. Manage your accounts receivable and payable & all your business transaction precisely with our solutions.

Requisition for a supplier

Submit purchase requisitions for review and generate purchase orders for order fulfillment. Simplifying the purchasing process with our solution.

Discounts management

Multiple discounts and coupon usage are simple through our Electronics & Electrical Shop POS system. You can customize your discounts & offers according to your choice or understanding the recent business strategies.

Ecommerce integration

Integrate your POS system with your e-commerce business effortlessly. Our intutive system enables smooth operations, increases revenue, and provides detailed reports accessible anytime, anywhere!

Are you looking for any Electrical & Electronics Shop POS software?

So, you are in the right place now!! Consult with our team for all of your requirements and suggestions!


Why Should You Choose Our Electronics & Electrical Shop POS Software?

Mediasoft's  Electronics & Electrical shop POS software can help to grow your electrical store business by increasing client retention, keeping track of inventory and warranty management, delivering an immediate replacement, and providing the best service. Our Electrical & electronic shop POS software also aids in the reduction of manual labor and boosts efficiency by providing consumers with the right demand at the right time, hence increasing profitability.


Benefits You Will Get By Using Our Electronics & Electrical Shop POS Software

Highly Secure

Our biometric systems ensure accuracy and prevent fraud. All transactions and data are encrypted, providing a secure environment for your business.


Automate complex operations, with parameter-based sequences.Be repeatable, faster, and reduce waste Using.


Enjoy an advanced and customizable system tailored to your business needs. Our team will create a design and feature-rich system that fits your home appliance store perfectly.


Create parameters and have them automatically calculated by Mediasoft’s Electronics & electrical Shop POS system. Have detailed insights records & complex monitoring of your store’s every side, every day.


Easily manage your products and accessories with generic and specific categorization. Our 8/7 service and monitoring give you total control over your electronics store.

Complete Solution

We provide you with a Full-featured POS Solution which is most suitable for your Electronics & Electrical Shop.  You can also get personalization modules so that you can customize your system also as per your requirements.

You Have Questions, We Have The Answers!!!

Choosing the right software for your Electrical & Electronics Shop may be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help every step of the way!

Talk to our experts to receive specific suggestions tailored to your unique needs!

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