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Baby Shops & Kids Store Management Software

Mediasoft's baby shops & kids Store Billing Software is completely equipped and perfect for the retail and distribution of Baby Care Store products. It allows the shop owner/user to simply set up item classifications, product categories (size, style, pricing, and color), and other features. Our Baby Shop Billing Software keeps track of and records the transactions in and out of the baby shops. We are a user-friendly and multi-user-friendly system. It displays your stores’ stock at your various locations and records the movement of items in each one. With our system, you can categorize products in various types according to your store setup.

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Employee Management

Our baby shop billing software tracks your employee work hours. View Sales by login to analyze data on all transactions completed during each shift on all of your store's registers. Keep records of your all staff's check-in & check-out timing.

Inventory Management

Provides smart ways to balance inventory levels and accelerate order fulfillment with dynamic reports, forecasts, and insights. Our baby shop solution manufacturing the proper purchasing of raw materials, delivery, order processing, etc. & make the inventory management process effective from the first to the last step. Get notifications about low stock to reorder stock.

Loyalty Points

Manage your customer (sales history, personal information...) and encourage them to regular visits. Make targeted e-mailing and SMS campaigns and make a loyalty program to reward your top customers. You can offer discounts to your customers on care services or free products, you can choose the loyalty most suitable to your commercial policy.

Requisition Approval

Submitted a purchase requisition for review & get your requested PO generated for the purchase requisition lines and submitted to the vendor for order fulfillment.

One Centralized Platform

Combine data from all your operation into one centralized platform with our Baby shop & kids software which is an ideal solution for your salon business. You can also control inventory & all the actions from a single source.

Lost/Damaged Management

Monitor precisely to avoid inward of any products that are damaged or lost going to expire within the user-defined period avoiding losses.

Salesman Commission

Our system provides brand-based inducements to your employees with salesman commission based on their performance and earns more profits. Monitor your staff’s performance closely so that if needed you can conflict with them or appreciate them to do better in their work life.

Barcodes System

Barcodes may include or use any kind of necessary data collection. This could contain pricing details or any inventory info. Though barcodes can be attached to any surface, they can be cast-off to track not only the products or info but also any kind of shipments and equipment.

Financial Reports

Mediasoft’s baby shop & kids store software provides all details of activities reports so you can track your daily sales activity. Generate Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss reports with our financial reports modules. You can keep balance on your business according to the reports & also able to plan the next steps.

Why We Best For You

We are the best baby shops & kids store billing software solution for your business. our user management, Multiple order create, purchase order generate, Expiry Date based Sales and Inventory reports helps to manage your baby shop smoothly. Set product return reports, get info on the generic group, brand, product’s names and supplier enlistment, clear visibility on stocks by creating a session, Barcode Printing based on Cost Price, records of expired & lost products. Get our baby shops & kids store billing software at the most affordable price.

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Benefits You Will Get

24/7 Support Service

Our applications are super easy to use by your all-level staff. Intuitive and thoughtful design makes our system simple to use avoiding difficult functionality. Our agile supporters provide 24/7 support service.


Mediasoft’s baby shops & kids billing solutions help you grow up by maintaining all your compliance standards seamlessly.


We tight the security of your baby shop & kids system and data seriously & keep all of your records & reports safely.


Define work plans, checklists, assign tools to organize work steps for your products – all in from one centralized place.

Multiple Payment Systems

Handle your cash by hand securely either our system offers you the option of accepting all types of local credit/debit cards. Billing & real-time payment statuses are tracked & recorded from a single dashboard & have all access to multiple payment modes.

Complete Solution

We provide you with Full-featured baby shops & kids store billing system that is Suitable for all types of Restaurants, bars, dine-in businesses, and our system Works on any device you are comfortable with.

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Increase sales possibilities and lower running costs by integrating Baby Shop Billing Software with your E-commerce business.

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