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VATPro - VAT Accounting Software

Mediasoft Data Systems Limited introduces "VATPro," an NBR-approved VAT accounting software in Bangladesh. It complies with "The Value Added Tax and Supplementary Duty Act, 2012", facilitating VAT calculations, sales, purchases, inventory, and government-prescribed reports. VATPro streamlines billing, accounting, cash flow, auditing, MIS reports, and real-time financial analysis. Developed by young professionals, it is user-friendly and suitable for businesses of all sizes. VATPro complies with GO-16/VAT/2019 and has received endorsements from the National Board of Revenue, the Ministry of Finance, and the Government of Bangladesh. Simplify VAT operations efficiently with VATPro.

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An NBR Enlisted VAT Software

Input Material (Category-wise)

Vendor Profile

Input-Output Coefficient (Mushak-4.3)

Purchase Entry (Mushak-6.1)

User Access control and security

Issue of Input material as per BOM for own and contractual manufacturing (Mushak-6.4)

VAT deducted at source report

Reconciliation Report


Product/Service (Category-wise)

Customer Profile

Sales of Product/Services (Mushak-6.3)

Sales Register - Mushak-6.2 (Receiving/Purchase of Finished goods)

Automatically update all VAT reports in compliance with NBR requirements.

Item wise stock report

Production Report

VAT Registers & Reports

You can get all the necessary reports generated from our system


Input-output co-efficient


Unused/Damage Ingredient


Damaged Product


Purchase Register


Sales Register


Purchase & Sales Register


Sales Challan


Contractual Report


Stock Transfer


VAT at source deduction certificate


Credit Note


Debit Note


Purchase & Sales statement for Value more than Two Lac.


VAT Return

TR- From 6

Treasury Receipt


VATPro Implementation Method

A complete VAT accounting software solution for the VAT & SD Act 2012


VATPro Deployment Method

VATPro is as flexible as it gets, reducing any potential complexity by presenting a variety of feasible options/platforms on which to execute the software.

Stand Alone
On Premise
Public Cloud

Main Features

  • Input Material (Category-wise)
  • Product/Service (Category-wise)
  • Vendor Profile
  • Customer Profile
  • Input-Output Coefficient (Mushak-4.3)
  • Sales of Product/Services (Mushak-6.3)
  • Purchase Entry (Mushak-6.1)
  • Sales Register - Mushak-6.2 (Receiving/Purchase of Finished goods)
  • User Access control and security
  • Automatically update all VAT reports in compliance with NBR requirements.
  • Issue of Input material as per BOM for own and contractual manufacturing (Mushak-6.4)

Vat Registers & Reports:

  • Mushak-4.3 (Input output co-efficient)
  • Mushak-4.4 (Unused/Damage Ingredient)
  • Mushak-4.5 (Damaged Product)
  • Mushak-6.1 (Purchase Register)
  • Mushak-6.2 (Sales Register)
  • Mushak-6.2.1 (Purchase & Sales Register)
  • Mushak-6.3 (Sales Challan)
  • Mushak-6.4 (Contractual Report)
  • Mushak-6.5 (Stock Transfer)
  • Stock Transfer Sub Report
  • Mushak-6.6 (VAT at source deduction certificate)
  • Mushak-6.7 (Credit Note)
  • Mushak-6.8 (Debit Note)
  • Mushak-6.10 (Purchase & Sales statement for
  • Value more than Two Lac)
  • Mushak-9.1 (VAT Return)
  • Mushak-9.1 (Vat Return summary)
  • Mushak TR- 6 (Treasury Receipt)

Main Features

  • Treasury Deposit Report
  • Goods Purchasing/Receiving Report
  • Invoice wise Sales Report
  • Item wise Sales Report
  • Item wise stock report
  • VAT deducted at source report
  • Production Report
  • Reconciliation Report
  • And many more...

Software Facilities:

  • Ease of Use
  • User friendly
  • Increase your productivity
  • Possible to prepare any kind of customized MIS report
  • Simplified VAT Accounting operations
  • Auto-generated VAT Registers & Reports
  • Saves operation cost by saving your time, money, and energy
  • Integration facility with 3rd party Application
  • Data Import and Export facility
  • Reduce the redundancy of work
  • Application for Disposal of unusable Inputs
  • Application for Disposal of Unusable Product
  • Data Import (all master & transactions) from Excel/Text
  • Data Export (all report) to PDF and Excel

Already using a VAT software but in trouble?

No need to worry, you always have the choice to transfer your accounting system with us! Experience better & back up your software with our expert's experience! Still not sure of its accuracy? Speak to one of our VAT software experts!

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Get VATPro Accounting Software, before it is too late!

Benefits of VATPro

We will do everything we can to make our next best project!

Be always Secure

Get your all insights of reports safely & make sure to secure your all transactions properly.

It minimizes human error

Make your All VAT process err free with our automated generate VAT software.

VATPro processed quickly

Achieve a faster VAT system with VATpro. Diminish your manual method paperwork system & be quicker & automated.

Complete tax compliance is achieved

Managed the evolving tax system from time to time with our VATPro. Achieve effective and immediate global VAT compliance positively in accurate time.

Reports are accurately produced

Processed your financial reports accurately with easy access to our VAT process. Access and review your all Audits, hard copies of the financial records easily.

It takes away much burden

Eliminate the burden of the manual process which takes a lot of valuable time, effort, and concentration. Aside from that, the pressure on a lot of people is also minimized because it diminishes your labor work.

VAT Accounting Software

Why Companies need VAT Software?

As the day goes by the Government is becoming more active and careful in collecting VAT. There is a mushak that impacts every financial transaction. At the end of every month there creates automatically generates mushak records separately as per the business conditions. If this was manually written/driven, it could be time-consuming and there would be the possibility of error which could create a major effect on your business. But by using an automated/electronic system, it will be maintained well and effortlessly without any mistake.

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