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Laboratory Information Management System - LIMSPro

In today's dynamic healthcare industry, lab/diagnostic management system demands are the highest; it requires seamless coordination and data-driven insights to enhance lab productivity. Mediasoft Data Systems Limited provides a cutting-edge Laboratory Management System- LIMSPro which is designed to elevate your lab operations with accuracy. Rather than a traditional system, LIMSPro gives an automated manner of managing any diagnostic center's activities. Maximize profit while minimizing hassle with our one-stop solution LIMSPro.  

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Sophisticated Features

Automate Your Laboratory Operations with LIMSPro  

Front Desk Management

Streamline patient check-ins, registrations, and inquiries with LIMSPro's efficient front desk management.

Out-Patient Management

Seamlessly manage outpatient services, ensuring a smooth patient experience from start to finish.

Appointment & Scheduling

Optimize appointment booking and scheduling, reducing patient wait times and improving resource utilization.


Simplify billing processes and reduce administrative overhead with automated billing and invoicing.

Inventory Control

Streamline your lab's inventory management with precision. LIMSPro helps you monitor stock levels, prevent shortages, and ensure timely restocking.

Sample Management

Our laboratory information management system “LIMSPro” offers end-to-end sample verification and validation for enterprise healthcare applications.


Access comprehensive MIS reports, gaining data-driven insights into your diagnostic center's performance.

User Roles and Permissions

Assign roles and permissions to your lab staff, ensuring data access is restricted to authorized personnel only.

Integration & Connectivity

our systems can connect to your laboratory’s enterprise systems and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) systems with electronic lab notebooks (ELN).

Reporting & Data Analytics

Information & data from our laboratory management system (LIMSPro) can be reported on, shared, analyzed, and inspected.

Workflow Automation

Optimize lab workflows and reduce manual tasks. LimsPro automates routine processes, saving time and reducing errors.

SMS/Email Notification

Keep patients informed and engaged with automated SMS and email notifications, enhancing their overall experience.

Are you ready to succeed?

Experience the future of lab operations with LimsPro and discover a world of effectiveness, accuracy, and compliance in your diagnostic processes.

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Multidimensional Advantages of LIMSPRO

Enhanced Efficiency

Optimize lab processes, reduce turnaround times, and enhance overall productivity.

Dynamic System

LIMSPro adapts to your diagnostic center's evolving needs, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

Improved Quality

Ensure the highest quality standards in every test, fostering trust among patients and referring physicians.

Cost Savings

Reduce operational costs through better inventory management, streamlined workflows, and reduced paperwork.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Access real-time insights and analytics for informed decision-making and resource allocation.


Grow your lab without limitations. LimsPro scales with your needs, accommodating your expanding operations seamlessly.

Data Security

Safeguard patient data with advanced encryption and access controls, meeting the strictest data privacy requirements.

Online/Offline Service (Working Days)

Enjoy the flexibility of online and offline operations, catering to your diagnostic center's unique requirements.

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