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Laboratory Information Management System - LIMSPro

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is software that allows you to manage samples and data to enhance lab productivity. Mediasoft Data Systems Limited Company provides a complete Laboratory Management System, named “LIMSPro”. It is a software-based solution that supports modern laboratory operations. Rather than a traditional system, the LIMSPro may give an automated manner of managing any diagnostic center's activities. “LIMSPro” helps you with sample tracking and data validation. Furthermore, this system can correctly and efficiently perform routine diagnostic operations such as Front-desk, Consultancy, Prescription, OPD, billing, Investigation, Accounting Management, and so on. It also makes it simple to produce daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly, and annual reports of sales, revenue, patients, lab tests, and other data as needed. Overall, diagnostic management software allows you to stay on top of trends. Your lab could see a significant increase in efficiency and productivity as well as improved quality while also allowing you to operate your business administration digitally and efficiently.

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Sophisticated Features

Streamline your Laboratory operations with Mediasoft

Front Desk Management

Mediasoft’s “LIMSPro” provides you with user-friendly front desk management. You can manage all your registration & billing processes, live patient status module, your dashboard, and other patient activities through this module.


Manage your all bookings and appointment with our Laboratory management software “LIMSPro”. No more forgotten appointments. Easily edit, Schedule, postpone even needed cancel your client’s booking according to the client’s choice. Handle all your schedule in just one screen in no time.

Patient Management

Our Laboratory Management System “LIMSPro” database includes a reliable availability of patients’ information or data. The patient's disease history, test results, prescribed tasks can be accessed by the authority without much delay to make an accurate report which can help to analyze and monitor the patient’s health. It allows lower risks of mistakes.

Easy Configuration

“LIMSPro” ensures compatibility with your customers & maintains their requirements and adaptability to the developing laboratory needs. Generate easily understandable reports for your customers and access & provide you with all requirements to run your business.

Doctors Consulting

With our advanced system, your clients can learn about doctors before scheduling an appointment if you needed their consultation. It will display a list of available doctors along with information about their experience, expertise, and achievements and also can manage to know the doctors’ schedules and choose a convenient appointment time with LIMSPro

Dynamic Prescription

Prescription is very important which a lab consultant make after analyzing all the test and generating their reports. LIMSPro keeps records of all of those reports and there is no chance misplace of data or any records.

Sample Management

Our laboratory information management system “LIMSPro” offers end-to-end sample verification and validation for enterprise healthcare applications. This module helps to maintain sample validation periods and after analysis reports transfer it as a requirement within the exact time keep in.

Focus on Critical Reports

Pathologists, Radiologists, and doctors approve reports automatically approved and treated by normal values but special reports or abnormal reports are especially sent for doctor’s immediate working process or workflow approval.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Our EMR is a real-time, protected, point of care and patient-related platform for doctors and lab experts. It will support your lab doctors by providing access to patients' health condition information and keeping evidence of their reports, medical records for taking better decisions & support.

Integration & Connectivity

MEDIASOFT'S ”LIMSPro” software can connect to your laboratory’s enterprise systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and also Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) systems with electronic lab notebooks (ELN) and also including Chromatography Data Systems and Chromatography Data Systems (CDS).

Reporting & Data Analytics

Information & data of our laboratory management system (LIMSPro) can be reported on, shared, analyzed, and inspected. All associations and metadata are captured, enabling our users to work with data in context.

Data archival

Our system Confirms proper electronic collections retention and data archival to fulfill the up-to-date requirements or maintain the regulatory of the lab industry.

Inventory Management(Opt)

MEDIASOFT’S LIMSPro has an inventory management module which is the repetition of planning the buying, storing, and selling of necessary products needed for generating a laboratory system properly. In this case, this involves the management of raw samples, components, and finished samples final reports and condition of instruments to ensure the accurate reports of your customers.

Payment and Billing

A laboratory information management system that includes all corresponding financial interfaces between a service provider, executives, lab experts, customers, suppliers, etc. While a reports analysis by the experts its inputs charges according to the test. After reports are made, will generate a bill. Our system maintains all of those payment and billing processes accurately & error-free.


Main Features


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Multidimensional Advantages of LIMSPRO

Control system with a central hub

We provide you with a Full-featured Laboratory solution that is suitable for your lab businesses and our system Works on any device you are comfortable with. Boost your business by streamlining all your tasks, minimizing periods by automating your working process, and delivering the best service- all from one central hub.

Dynamic System

Our Laboratory Information Management software (LIMSPro) did lots of work done automated in just a click so, if it implements, well it cuts off so many manual works. It helps to reduce manpower like this system automatically manage the things which human beings use to manage earlier. Our system is so dynamic which always keeps you up-to-date in the lab industry.


Our system is customizable according to your business type. Our roster of talented web designers and developers can make your required design & featured website or platform for your business.

Continual Service

We have a comprehensive team in place to support you 24/7. We optimize your workflow & help you to keep track of everything by our system. You service anywhere anytime you need us! Our agile supporters provide support services if you face any trouble.

Automate Processes

Stay on track with auto-generated procedures and advanced administrative workflows. LIMSpro automated you’re so many hand working step which reduces your paperwork too.


Our system offers a reliable, secure solution for your laboratory business. All types of Credit card, order data & insights report is SSL encrypted and secure.

We recognize that not every where has the same requirements. Tell us what you want, and we'll explain how we can assist you.

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