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Prescription Management System - PrescriptionPro

Mediasoft Data Systems Limited Company Provides an innovative Prescription Management System named “Prescription-Pro”, which is a versatile and smart solution and suitable for both clinical and hospital settings. It allows practitioners to preserve both electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR), giving them convenient and up-to-date access to information about patients, prescriptions, test results, lab findings, progress reports, allergies, and more. From patient history to previous condition reports, allergy checks to test findings, medical certifications to dental records, and medicine databases through complete prescription management, this medical practice solution aims to cover the entire process. It is always preferred for the doctor to write in the correct medication as well as the correct dosage of the medicine. This procedure allows pharmacies to maintain error-free delivery and ensure the medicines which from different pharmaceutical suppliers are appropriate or not. Needless to say, this has a significant impact on the health care and patient care capacity of a hospital or clinic.

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Features At A Glance

Electronic Medical Records

Our ERM system is developed for both patients and doctors to help manage their work more efficiently. Our EMR system allows doctors to take effective actions to improve their patient care. Our highly intuitive system with complete capabilities for an immediate secure and accurate patient data entry serves practices of all kinds, whether solitary practitioners or large multi-specialty clinics. This software also aids in streamlining the institution's day-to-day operations.

History of Patient Visits

It facilitates and simplifies the storage of a patient's prescriptions in a single location. It avoids the complexities that were previously a part of the traditional workflow – adding new patients while maintaining control over their profile. It maintains a total number of patient visits for the day.

Dose, Rules & Duration Management

A Doctor can mention all the doses of the drugs they prescribed and the drugs taking rules and how long it should take for the patient or the duration of taking drugs for a particular patient. Our system Prescription-pro makes it easier to understand clearly to the patient so that there is no chance for mistake.

Referral List

Doctors can make a referral list for their patients and also can give their contact address so that you can inform them of anything if needed.

Prescription Template

You can choose your prescription template from our prescription management system. Our agile developers are willing to give you, according to the kind of template which you prefer to have.

Real Look Printing

Our system also has the real look printing option so that if needed one can get a real look prescription which sometimes patients had to collect for their paper issues or showing proof of having his or her medication treatment.


Prescription-pro allows an SMS/Email sending system to the patient or any other persons if necessary. A doctor can edit prescriptions to make any changes and send updates to the patient if he/she needs to know. SMS/Email can be sent through our software directly to the patients.

Keep track and communicate with patients before they run out of their medicines.

Multidimensional Advantages of Prescription Pro

Automated Operating System

It transfers the physically executed process to automatic operating systems that require few inputs. All operations are instantly updated while completed and always make awareness if any tasks are pending or needed to complete an exact duration.

Easy to Use

Prescription ordering, order monitoring, prescription refills, uploading prescriptions, appropriate payment methods, timely notifications and alerts, and a slew of other features have put the prescriptions at the fingertips of consumers.

Eliminate Human Error

By integrating lab equipment and devices on a single secure platform, labs may increase efficiency by orders of magnitude. This enables data to be transferred automatically from the device to the Lab Information System, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual entry and avoiding human error.

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