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Franchise Management Software

Mediasoft's Franchise Management software can help to grow your franchise engagement faster, maximize your profit, and can comfort your operation. To stay on top and keep the franchise business growing, we provide the best possible features like franchisee sales figures, Commission calculations, user management, brand consistency, etc. So get ready to be succeed with us!

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Just check what you need to grow your business.

Features We Have

Commission Reporting

Process commission and send invoices to your units for those costs as well. Establish a commission rate for each unit. Gather monthly sales information and send invoices for your units' commission and related costs each month.

Increase Unit Revenue

A complete franchise software service that monitors the full support process, from gathering support requests to assigning them, escalating them, and then resolving them, can increase unit revenue.

Multiple Purchases Received

You have to receive the product which you ordered before and you should create a purchase receive report. This system keeps all your purchase reports and dates, if needed which you can analyze later.

Purchase Order Generates

Generate stock-wise periodic pre-orders of your product’s purchase order. Like if some item or product is going to be finished soon, you must order it in advance of a particular amount.

Daily Cash Reconciliation

Manage daily transactions through this system accurately, avoid errors and get advanced.

User Management

These features allow restricted access to find different users. Different features access can be limited for the different users for proper and easy management.

Multiple Product Setup

This system has a generic-wise product-listed setup. So that any type of product, which are in which side or row it can be found quickly to view the product list.

Multiple Group Setup

A group or categories-wise setup create to help users, find the same categories of medicine together to help customers.

Barcode Printing

This feature allows your user to print the barcode labels for your particular product which you needed to give a barcode label.

Day Closing

Calculate you’re per day sales and purchases at the end time of closing your store. Assume and maintain your monthly profits and losses.


Get notified about all changes so you can easily track your request.

Multiple Payment Modes

Billing and payment statuses are tracked and recorded from a single dashboard and have access to multiple payment modes.

Do you planning or already own franchise Business?

We will provide you best solutions that are specifically designed for your franchise business and can fulfill your business unique needs because we understand that every business don't have the same requirements.

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Why should you get our Franchise Management Software for your Business?

Mediasoft's Franchise Management Software helps you to grow your business with minimum costs and labor. We provide you with total inventory visibility at the both corporate and franchise levels. With our best services, we assist you to keep track of seasonal sales trends and avoid inventory shortages to maintain regulatory and industry requirements.

With our Software, you can efficiently grow your business.

Benefits You Will Get


All information scanned in a wireless environment will be automatically saved on the handheld device.

Mode for a single item

This allows the scanning of each item, incrementing the quantity of the item by one.

End-to-End Management

Nicely organized with product forecasts in terms of billing, Inventory management, and deliveries. The system delivers brands and retailers full control over their key product procurement and financial promises.

Always Up to Date

We manage updates gradually so that your store will always have the latest security updates and features.

Time Stamping

The operation is timed, and time stamps are assigned to each action. It allows a detailed analysis of the entire process.

SKU Search

In case an SKU is not found by scanning the barcode, it can be searched in the database using the description. A very intuitive search engine allows easy searching.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers.

Choosing the right software for your business may be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help every step of the way.

So just tell us what you need for the best solution.

What are you selling?

We understand that not every store has the same needs. Tell us what you sell, we'll tell you how we help.

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