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Quick Service Restaurant Software

Mediasoft's Quick Service Restaurant Software is developed to run your business more efficiently and successfully. We offer you the most affordable & easy system to ease out your day-to-day restaurant-related processes right from taking orders to deliveries. Our “T-POS” restaurant management system & “Restaura” are built specifically for restaurants whether they can self-service, pay first, or table-wise system. Try now for Mediasoft's QSR POS software.

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Features We Have

Inventory Management System

Enough for peak hours, get automated your inventory condition, track waste, and save time on counts. Get your inventory reports with one click. Stock status alerts, multi-outlet management, digital stock counts, status report, etc. all in one in one single platform. Everything is on your hand tip

Tab Based Ordering System

Solutions include ordering via handheld/tab-based devices which reduces errors and speeds up serving.

Table Management

Manage reservations and table bookings & Allows automate the table management process with the help of some simple tools. Effortlessly manage guests and give access to turn tables faster, manage your waitlist faster and also reduce errors efficiently.


Improve overall smooth coordination between kitchen staff and front staff with KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) & KDS (Kitchen Display System); which ultimately results in increased production with less time consumed.

Mobile Use/ Wallet system

Improve your customer service and avoid time-wasting on going to the kitchen for giving instructions every time and it’s very simple & easy to use.

Customer Information

Got to know all data about your customer, track per location of your customer from a single platform & also keep what your customer is ordering, and build relationships with them.


Take your food business to the next level with our POS system, sync your menu with our point-of-sale system and manage your all orders and make your customer happy by reaching new customers quickly with their orders.

Discount Promotions

Want to increase your restaurant’s sales within a specific time period? This engine enables you to configure special offers & discounts on orders. It’s better to have various targeted promotions than one for all.

Modifier Entry

Customizable according to various outlet conditions & requirements. Modify menu specifications & also allow to include an item or erase components from a meal.

Menu Management

Interactive images and recipe details to provide the best experience to consumers. Create user wise menu, multiple orders & ingredients& distribute them with your chefs & staff. Alter menu and price easily.

VAT Report

Have your all VAT records, transactions & reports by NBR requirement wise.

Sale Order Preparation & Monitoring

Monitor everything on your kitchen display & analysis customers’ orders.

Multiple Payment Modes

Billing & real-time payment statuses are tracked & recorded from a single dashboard & have access to multiple payment modes.

Cashier Login

It may fade away in years to come, but cash is still king. Maintain your cashier by your own login system. Keep your cash safe & secure by our restaurant management system.


Have detailed Insights and reports of the sales, purchase, and various other facets of your restaurant. Detailed analytics report helps to construct an effective strategy.

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Benefits You Will Get

Simplified Order Process

Get & process orders from multiple sources, such as third-party aggregators, websites, apps & many more.

Use Just One Platform

Boost your kitchen's turn-around time by streamlining all your tasks, minimizing the serving time period, and delivering the best service- all from one platform.


We tight the security of your pharmacy POS system and data seriously & keep all of your records & reports safely

Crazy Easy

Our applications are super easy to use by your all-level staff. Intuitive and thoughtful design makes our system simple to use avoiding difficult functionality. Our agile supporters provide 24/7 support service.


Get automated with our Quick Service Restaurant System and maintain Workflow bases automatic PO creation based on accurate planning data.


Term your products by generic types & specifically as your need-wise and rely on Mediasoft’s monitoring. Have total control over your business in your hands' tip.

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