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App for Payroll Employee Self-service

Mediasoft’s payroll employee self-is a highly professional cloud-based HR software with team management and monitoring tools to support your employee and upgrade their career. Mainly self-service payroll app is a system used by human resources or employees themselves to manage the whole life cycle of their payroll processes. This is now a requirement for payroll software because these portals are essentially digital, allowing you to save a significant amount of time. Employees can use self-service portals to get pay stubs and tax worksheets, submit investment declarations and proofs, claim reimbursements, and receive timely deadline reminders.

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To get a better understanding of the benefits of payroll software, here are some features

Features We Have

Instance access to the payroll

Our employee self-service allows employees to monitor payroll history, modify demographic information, and access tax forms.

Information on annual raises and promotions

Let your employees know their annual increment and promotion details.

Pay sheet for salary, bonus, and leave encasement

Employees can apply for leave, short leave, leave without pay, maturity leave, overtime scheduling, etc. through our smart employee self-service app. They can also get an induvial salary or pay sheets if needed.

Employee Attendance History

Your employees can maintain their individual attendance records through this app. Easily got their daily, whole month, or yearly attendance record!! They can also know their entry and out time precisely calculated by our payroll employee self-service software.

Remote attendance

In our self-service system, an employee can give attendance using our remote attendance module with his present location map if he is stuck nearby for any reason. They can also apply for late consideration the reason for being late.

Salary data for the month

Through our apps, your all employee will get to know their monthly salaries, increment details, holiday lists, and other bonus information. This app will give them all information on time for any special purpose bonus or other category types of salary.

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The importance of self-service payroll apps


Employee Setup

Evolution Rate setup

Apply For Leave


Apply Maturity Leave

Assign Employee Leave


Employee Evolution

Leave Consideration


Monthly Time Card Report

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Why is a self-service app necessary for an employee?

It is difficult to improve employee satisfaction and productivity without the proper tools. Our employee self-service app helps your employees with easy and hassle-free installation, saving their time and minimizing errors. They will be able to modify records quickly. They have instant access to each small detail and easy reporting.

With our Software, you can efficiently grow your business.

Benefits You Will Get

Keep everything in one location

Make employees search for their payroll information. They can find financial documents, tax receipts, important notice, and much more in one place.

Employee documents are password-protected

Keep all employees' data private, and use custom passwords for their protection and tax calculation worksheets.

Employee loan status updates

Our self-service Payroll system deducts loan payments automatically and maintains the outstanding balance and remaining term for employee loans. The site contains the most recent updates for employees.

Notification and updates

You can get all the latest updates and important notifications about your company and can easily respond through our self-service payroll management app.

Anytime, Anywhere

Log in or log out whenever you want if you are using a personal smartphone! Through your personal payroll app or ID, you can keep in touch with your company, anytime, anywhere.

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