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Best Accounting Management Software

Sell faster and delight all your customers without worrying about managing accounts using our Accounting Management Software in Bangladesh

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Financial Accounting Management Software

There is no doubt that financial accounting software is essential for all kinds of businesses, to develop their business and work proficiency as well as precision. Financial accounting software enables organizations to manage business accounts and commercial transactions with effectiveness. Managing your company's capital can be difficult, that is why you need accounting software to help you track your currency as it flows in and out of your accounts. When you start your business, accounting software is the main thing that you need to think of. Our Accounting System deals with charts of accounts, cash books, bank books, vouchers, journals, general ledger, subsidiary ledger, etc. our system also generates reports like trial balance, balance sheet, profit and loss accounts, income statements and so more. This system is an efficient way to manage and monitor the workflow and resources process progress in the stock and also keep monitoring your company's financial situation.

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Supplier Management

Collect, organize, and streamline supplier data in support of Productivity gains across business units & get stronger supplier relationships.

Customer Management

Easily see which customers owe you money, and which you need to follow up on.


Send customized, sharp, and professional invoices & manage recurring billings, and easily track payments.


Get paid faster by letting clients click through an invoice.

Bank Accounts

Create unlimited bank accounts and keep tracking them.

Multi-company (Cost Center, Profit Center)

Manage the cost center & profit center of multiple companies.


Generate and send retainer summary reports at any point to keep your clients happy and informed.


Develop in deep with heaps of detail, and track your performance against budgets.

Cash Flow Management (ongoing)

See your money in and money out at a glance, and automatically update tax totals.

Pay Stuff / Payroll (optional)

Easily pay staff in seconds and stay compliant with simple accounting software

Bank Reconciliation

Link a bank account from 130+ providers and automate your organization.

Inventory (optional)

From a basic stock list to detailed component tracking, get all your stock needs to be sorted.


Get notified about all changes so you can easily track your requests.


Understand who needs what, how much, and how often with purchase requests.

Voucher Supporting Attachment

You can add as much as an attachment you want with the voucher.

Ratio Analyst

know the financial strength and weakness of an organization to optimize capital structure.

Receipt Payment

Instantly know how much you have received and paid.


Serve different purposes to present information for different stakeholders and visually monitor KPIs.

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Why Should You Get Financial Accounting Software?

Before using our accounting management software, you should know what accounting software is and why you should use it, you should know what tools and features to look for when selecting a system. Our Accounting management system ensures accuracy, we provide double-entry accounting and include functions such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking, and reporting. Inventory management, project management, time tracking, and payroll tools are also available.

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Benefits You Will Get

Provides Comprehensive Information

Our Accounting software can be used to track transactions by departments, projects, locations, or classes if your chart of accounts is correctly set up. This helps you develop more detailed reports and make strategic decisions by giving you a clear view of where your money comes from and where your expenses originate from.

Enhanced Accounting Safety

One of the most significant benefits of our accounting software is that your accounting data is securely stored. This implies that your information is protected by many layers of advanced encryption techniques.

Eliminates Errors & Mistakes

Our accounting management system has capabilities to integrate with other systems so that you can get all data accurately without errors and automatically update to display the amount of each product you have on hand, what's been sold, and when you need to refill. Avoid depending on error-prone human data input, use our system for real-time information.

Have Access Anytime, Anywhere

The most important benefit of using our accounting software is that it allows you to view your data from any device, at any time. So that you get updates of your finance from anywhere, anytime.

Keep Track of Your Expenses

Cash is the main king of any type of business. Failure to correctly manage business expenditures is a typical accounting error, and the last thing you want is to run out of cash because your expenses are out of whack. By automating spending tracking, accounting software may help you avoid this problem.

Reconcile Bank Statements

Our Accounting software can interact with your bank accounts. It allows you to view your bank statements from within your accounting program. You may also automatically match and reconcile bank transactions.

We Have Answers.

Choosing the right software for your business may be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help every step of the way.

Talk to our experts to receive specific suggestions tailored to your unique needs.

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