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Must have features of a Restaurant Management System

Starting a restaurant looks so simple, but operating it successfully and properly is a challenging task to have.

A restaurant management system is essential for any restaurant. This system helps your restaurant run smoothly by tracking employees’ activities and managing inventory and sales.

A restaurant management system’s features depend on how your restaurant is set up or organized. A restaurant management system (RMS) is a type of point of sale (pos) software and its design also depends on how your restaurant is organized or designed.



There are some must-have features of the restaurant that should be known to all.

Stuff Management

Keeping restaurant staff happy is a balancing act. You need to convince your team that the restaurant industry can be a sustainable career path for them if they want it.


Order Administration

It is always good to keep both online and offline orders on hand. You will get orders through ordering platforms and through third parties, like foodpanda, uber eats, sohoj, pathao, etc. You can easily manage this if you have a dashboard that shows an integrated picture of your orders coming in through all channels. Notifications and status messages will make your order easier.


Inventory Management

It is an important feature in your restaurant management system to know the total amount of food left, the cost of that food, and how much profit could be possible. Every RMS should have inventory management in the software. It helps you to know about your stock and also keeps track of all the inventories.


 The Table Reservation System

Like other dashboards, you have to have a reservation dashboard for your clients or customers. It is always good to know when your loyal customer is coming, and it would be better if they also pre-ordered from you, or if not, it doesn’t matter, later they will order as per their wisdom. Another thing is that you will get ample time to arrange the wow factor for them.

This can improve your sales. So, your software for the restaurant should have built-in table management and the option to book it for a particular time period. It can raise the number of your fixed customers.


Online ordering platform

If a restaurant has an extensive food ordering platform, that helps restaurant owners deliver the food online and get more money and recognition, to support restaurants during the COVID-19 time. Many apps give free online support to them. It is also a good business strategy to help a restaurant owner during this tough and difficult time.

System of Payment

Today, there are lots of options for payment in restaurants. To take payment, the restaurant should have all payment methods available for their customers. These are the various payment methods available in a restaurant: through a check, BKash app, Nagad app, bank card payment system, cash, etc.


Personal application management system

A restaurant should have its own app. It will help to attract more customers. Similarly, a restaurant should have all of its items attractively captured with prices so that customers can easily select their preferred food and make purchasing decisions. Although having a restaurant, its own app can be an online platform for ordering over the online service system itself.


Loyalty Management

Loyalty programs help to give your customers a level of appreciation and privilege. This leads to higher retention, profits, and referrals, which all result in sales. The foundation of a client retention campaign is rewarding constructive conduct. A company’s brand is improved and the loyalty lifecycle is sped up when it provides a great loyalty program. Customers will feel appreciated when they are rewarded for their loyalty and regular engagement with your company, which helps set it apart from other competitors.


These are some of the most important features, as we discussed above. There could be some more updated features to support a restaurant more. Lastly, all these features make it easier to run your restaurant efficiently.

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